Parparim 2 News 9-13-12

Highlights of the Past Week

We  painted red birds, discussed different types of birds and labeled the parts of a bird.  We learned that birds “hatch” from eggs and have feathers.  We enjoyed sorting feathers and eggs in our sensory table.

We wrote a blessing to the world and learned about forgiveness when we read the story of Jonah and theWhale.

Mr. Greg helped us make an ecosystem for our classroom during our Discovery Studio time.  It was delightful to see the excitement as your children worked together on this project.  You will have to stop by our science center and check it out!

All week long we have been preparing for Rosh Hashanah by making cards, singing songs, and enjoying a sweet snack of apples dipped in honey.

We finished off the week by bubble painting B’s and using our binoculars we made to go on a bear hunt!

It was a pleasure to welcome you to Open House and to partner with you in providing  a program that will help your child blossom.  I can assure you that I feel incredibly blessed to  be a part of your children’s learning experience.


What’s Coming Up Next Week?

We will begin our unit on the letter “C.”  We will be doing all kinds of fun activities based upon this letter.  We will start off this unit wearing crowns and painting with cars and move into discussing community helpers and what it means to be part of a community.  This will provide many opportunities for dramatic play and creative expression.  I can’t wait to see what wonderful writing and artwork we create based upon these themes.





Shoobee Doobee Bag-Max

September 17 and 18-Rosh Hashanah No School or Kids Club  –  Preschool Family Service at 10 am – all invited

September 25-Erev Yom Kippur 12:00 dismissal, Kids Club @ 5:00

September 26-Yom Kippur No School or Kids Club – Preschool Family Service at 10 am – all invited

October 1 and 2-Sukkot No School or Kids Club

October 8-Shemini Atzeret No School or Kids Club

October 9-Simchat Torah No School or Kids Club



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